Kistler 8742A & Kistler 8743A Shock Accelerometers

Kistler, 8742A, 8743A, Shock Accelerometers The Kistler 8742A & Kistler 8743A shock accelerometers series incorporates a stable quartz, shear design and are tailored to measure high accelerations from pyroshock to impact testing. The 100 kHz resonance frequency ensures accurate measurement of high speed events, virtually eliminating zero shift and internal amplifier saturation.

These shock sensors feature extremely low transverse and base strain sensitivity. The 8742A series units have an integral 10-32 negative connector, while the 8743A100 model is ranged for 100,000g operation and includes twin leads, terminating in a 10-32 negative connector.

Low impedance voltage mode
Unique quartz shear sensing element
Ranges from 5,000g to 100,000g
Low transverse sensitivity
Rugged connector for repeated connections
Wide bandwidth, high resonant frequency
Conforming to CE

Kistler Models 8742A & 8743A Shock Accelerometers