Kistler Model 8762A Annular Ceramic Shear Triaxial Accelerometer

Kistler, Model, 8762A, Annular, Ceramic, Shear, Triaxial, Accelerometer High sensitivity triaxial accelerometers that simultaneously measure vibration in three, mutually perpendicular axis (X, Y and Z). Designed primarly for modal analysis applications, the triaxial accelerometer features three tapped mounting surfaces that allow each axis to be hard mounted for calibration.

Internal of the Kistler 8762 accelerometer is a unique annular, shear sensor element that features extremely low thermal transient response, a high immunity to base strain and transverse acceleration. An advanced hybrid charge amplifier design provides outstanding phase response as well as a wide operating frequency range. The light weight aluminum housing is epoxy sealed and hard anodized coated to provide ground isolation.

Each of the three sensing elements is internally connected to microelectronic circuit that converts the charge from the ceramic piezoelectric elements into a useable high level voltage signal at a low impedance output. The 8762 accelerometer series will operate directly from the internal power source found in most FFT analyzers; from several Kistler Piezotron power supply couplers or any industry standard IEPE (Integrated Electronic Piezo-Electric) compatible power source.

Low impedance, voltage mode
Cube shaped, ceramic shear sensor
Ultra low thermal transient response
Durable hard anodized, bround isolated aluminum housing
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Kistler Model 8762A Annular Ceramic Shear, Voltage Mode, Triaxial Accelerometer