Kistler Model 8772A Ceramic Shear Modal Accelerometer

Kistler, Model, 8772A, Ceramic, Shear, Modal, Accelerometer A unique shear element design coupled with an advanced hybrid charger amplifier provides outstanding phase response as well as a wide frequency range. The accelerometer housing is environmentally (epoxy) sealed with a durable, hard anodized finish that electrically isolates the unit from the test structure. The flat sides of the cube housing allow for dual axis unit arrangements and flexible attachment to the test structure. The use of several 8474 mounting clips facilitates single unit roving on a test structure.

The built-in charge amplifier provides a low impedance voltage output, allowing to use of standard low cost cabling. These accelerometers will operate directly from the internal power source available in most FFT analyzers or from a large selection of Kistler power supply couplers.

Low impedance voltage mode
Lightweight, ceramic shear modal sensor
Durable hard anodized, aluminum housing for ground isolation
Cube shaped for mounting flexibility
Conforming to CE

Kistler Model 8772A Ceramic Shear, Voltage Mode, Modal Accelerometer