Kistler 8784A5 & Kistler 8786A5 Ceramic Shear Accelerometers

Kistler, 8784A5, 8786A5, Ceramic, Shear, Accelerometers The Kistler 8784A5 (top connector) and Kistler 8786A5 (side connector) are low impedance, voltage mode accelerometers designed for vibration measurements in single multichannel applications. The unique connector design is rugged and maintains excellent integrity with repeated connections. The ceramic sensing element components have been carefully designed to pvoide the level of performance most often required in general purpose vibration measurements.

Kistler's shear technology assures high immunity to base strain, thermal transients and transverse accelerations. Other outstanding features include high frequency response, light weight and hermetic sealing.

A low impedance, voltage output is provided by the internal Kistler electronics impedance convertor. This output allows for the use of inexpensive coaxial cable, while providing high noise immunity and insensitivity to cable motion. Power this accelerometer with one of Kistler's couplers, signal conditioners or from ICP compatible power sources found in many measurement electronics units.

Ceramic shear sensing element
Low impedance, voltage mode
High sensitivity; resolution less than 1 millig
Low transverse sensitivity
Rugged connector for repeated connections
Priced for OEM
Conforming to CE

Kistler Models 8784A5 & 8786A5 Ceramic Shear Accelerometers