Kistler Model 8792A K-Shear® Triaxial Accelerometer

Kistler, Model, 8792A, K-Shear, Triaxial, Accelerometer The Kistler 8792A series of quartz shear triaxial accelerometers are rugged,low impedance voltage mode sensors. They are available in four ranges from 25g to 500g with sensitivities from 10mV/g to 200mV/g. This triaxial design allows simultaneous shock and vibration measurements in three mutually perpendicular axes: X, Y and Z.

Kistler's K-Shear design provides a wide operating frequency range along with extremely low sensitivity to thermal transients, base strain and transverse acceleration. Quartz sensing crystals ensure the long-term stability not achievable with other sensing materials.

Three Piezotron® electronic impedance converters provide a low impedance voltage output allowing the use of low-cost cables and eliminate the need for charge amplifiers. Another advantage of a low impedance output is the ability to drive long cable lengths with low-noise susceptibility.

The entire unit is housed in a welded, hermetically sealed, stainless steel case for years of reliable operation. An isolated stainless steel base is incorporated to eliminate potential ground loops. A single center mounting hole allows for convenient attachment and alignment of the X and Y axes.

Low impedance voltage mode output
Quartz shear sensing elements
High immunity to thermal transients
Ultra-low base strain sensitivity
Wide frequency range
Ground isolated
Low profile design
Conforming to CE

Kistler Model 8792A K-Shear® Triaxial Accelerometer