Kistler Model 8792AM10 PiezoSMART Triaxial Accelerometer

Kistler, Model, 8772A, M10, PiezoSMART, Cube Accelerometer A shear designed quartz triaxial accelerometer with TEDS Smart Sensor operating capability. The 8792A PiezoSmart accelerometers simultaneously measure vibration in three mutually perpendicular axis. They are available in four measuring ranges from +/-25g to +/-500g and feature a housing through hole allowing a single both to attachment to the test structure.

The 8792A series of quartz shear triaxial accelerometers are rugged, low impedance voltage mode sensors. They are available in four ranges from 25g to 500g with sensitivities from 10 mV/g to 200 mV/g. the K-Shear quartz sensing elements contained within the accelerometer provide long term operational stability, a wide operating frequency range along with extremely low sensitivity to thermal transients and transverse acceleration. The accelerometer can operate both as a standard low impedance, voltage mode accelerometer with a conventional analog output or in a digital "PiezoSmart Sensor Mode" capable of providing pertinent information stored within its memory module. The smart sensor operating mode allows information regarding accelerometer specification, location, position direction to be entered and accessed by a host signal/data acquisition processor.

Low impedance, voltage mode
Incorporates "TEDS" smart sensor technology
Quartz shear sensing elements
High immunity to thermal transients
Ground isolated
Conforming to CE

Kistler Model 8792AM10 Through Hole Mounting, Voltage Mode Triaxial Accelerometer