Kistler 8838 & Kistler 8840 Axial/Lateral Rotational Accelerometers

Kistler, 8838, 8840, Axial, Lateral, Rotational, Accelerometers The Kistler 8838 and Kistler 8840 Axial/Lateral Rotational Accelerometers are a novel complement of shear mode sensors that are designed to respond to two distinctly different forms of induced oscillations. The internal orientation of the quartz elements enables the 8838 accelerometer to respond to oscillations occuring about the unit's mounting axis when installed in a non-rotating test application. The element structure of the 8840 accelerometer is such that the unit will accurately measure the acceleration magnitude of oscillations laterally induced to its mounting base.

Kistler's shear technology assures high immunity to base strain, thermal transients and transverse accelerations. Notable features include wide frequency response, lightweight titanium construction, hermetic and ground isolation design.

INcluded within both models are signal processing electornics that convert the charge generated by the mechanical system into a low impedance, voltage output signal. These accelerometers do not use standard voltage mode piezoelectric sensor couplers but are powered by any commercially available (20 to 30 VDC) power supply.

Shear quartz piezoelectric principle
Axial or lateral oscillations
Hermetic construction
Lightweight and convenient thru hole mount
Conforming to CE

Kistler Model 8838 & 8840 Axial/Lateral Rotational Accelerometers