Quartz Load Washers Kistler 9001A ... 9071A

Quartz, Load, Washers, Kistler, 9001A, 9071A The force to be measured acts through the cover and base of the tightly welded steel housing on the quartz sensing elements quartz yields an electric charge proportional to the mechanical load.

The Kistler quartz load washers are very rigid and suitable above all for measuring highly dynamic forces. Their extreme rigidity charges the dynamic behavior of the measuring object into which they are built in very little.

Depending on the magnitude of the force, it is possible to measure quasistatically over several minutes or even hours (the zero drifts away within about +/-50 mN/s). True static measurement over an unlimited period of time are however inherently not possible.

Yet a sensor that has been loaded can, after any period of time, be connected again to a charge amplifier and the disappearance of the force can be measured again precisely.

For forces of a few N up to 400 kN
Very compact
Extremely high rigidity
Threshold < 0.01 N, independent of measuring range

Kistler Model 9001A ... 9071A Quartz Load Washers