Quartz Torque Sensors Kistler Models 9039, 9049, 9069

Quartz, Torque, Sensors, Kistler, 9039, 9049, 9069 The Kistler quartz torque sensors consists of two steel disks, between which a ring is fitted which contains several shear-sensitive quartz plates. The crystal axes of the quartz plates are oriented tangentially to the peripheral direction and therefore yield a charge exactly proporational to the applied torque.

The quartz set is protected by the tightly welded and and rustproof steel case. The sensor is oil and splashproof if a tightly fitted cable connector is used. The torque sensor is suitable for measuring a dynamic or quasistatic torque acting around the sensor axis.

Wide measuring range
Captures even the slightest dynamic changes in a large torque
High rigidity

Kistler Models 9039, 9049, 9069 Quartz Torque Sensor