Kistler 3-Component Force Sensors Models 9047B, 9048B, 9046B4

Kistler, 3, Component, Force, Sensors, Models, 9047B, 9048B, 9046B4 The Kistler 3-Component Force Sensors contain 3 pairs of quartz rings which are mounted between two steel plates in the sensor housing.

Two quartz pairs are sensitivie to shear and measure the force components Fx and Fy, while one quartz pair sensitive to pressure measures the component Fz of a force acting on the sensor. The electrical charges proportional to the different components are led via electrodes to the corresponding connectors.

The quartz packet is protected by the stainless, tightly welded sensor housing.

Cutting forces
Impact forces
Reaction forces in rockets
Dynamic forces on shakers
Determination of coefficients of friction

Kistler Models 9047B, 9048B, 9046B4 3-Component Force Sensor