Quartz Load Washers Kistler 9081A, 9091A

Quartz, Load, Washers, Kistler, 9081A, 9091A The force F to be measured acts through the steel cover and base of the sensor housing onto the quartz discs. If the quartz is loaded mechanically, it yields an electrical charge proportional to the acting force. This charge is collected by an electrode and led to the outside by the plug. The sensitivity of the sensor does not depend on the dimensions of the quartz discs. Housing and plug body are welded tightly.

Thanks to their high rigidity, Kistler quartz load washers are suitable for measuring rapidly varying forces. The elastic behaviour of the object being measured is not altered substantially by this. Quasistatic measurements of several minutes duration are possible, but not measurements of unlimited duration.

For forces of a new N up to 1200 kN
Very compact
Extremely high rigidity

Kistler Models 9081A, 9091A Quartz Load Washers