Kistler Industrial Force Sensors Models 9101A, 9102A, 9103A, 9104A

Industrial, Force, Sensors, Kistler, Models, 9101A, 9102A, 9103A, 9104A For monitoring of industrial processes, Kistler industrial force sensors Models 9101A, 9102A, 9103A, 9104A are required, which can be easily installed in machinery. Robust design and reliability during continuous operation together with good repeatability of the measured values are additional characteristics of these sensors.

Compared to the standard load washers Types 9011A... 9041A with identical dimensions, these snesors accept a 50% higher load. Selection of specific dimensions depends on the installation conditions as well as on the mounting conditions for the force shunt.

Large measuring range
Extremely rigid
Sensors with cable confirms to degree of protection IP65

Kistler Models 9101A, 9102A, 9103A, 9104A Industrial Force Sensors