Kistler SlimLine Sensor Models 9130B to 9136B

Kistler, SlimLine Sensor, Models, 9130B, 9136B Kistler SlimLine Sesnor is a quartz sensor with extremely flat design for measuring dynamic and quasistatic forces. Maximum resolution, high rigidity, extremely small dimensions. Ideal for installation in structures. Welded construction with integrated connecting cable sealed in the case with non-detachable plug connection. SlimLine sensors are supplied uncalibrated and must be calibrated after isntallation.

The force F to be measured acts on the sensor through the mounting or preloaded elements. When the sensor is loaded, it produces an electrical charge directly proportional to the force applied. This charge is fed out by an electrode and the integrated cable. The cable is integrated in the case and this assembly is splash-proof. A choice is provided for the plug connection.

Because of their high rigidity, SlimLine sensors are especially suitable for measuring rapidly changing forces, but quasistatic measurements over several minutes are also possible.

The SlimLine sensor is especially suitable for measuring forces in shunt mode. This means that the sensor is embedded and preloaded in a structure. Its small size is ideal for installation in structures suce as force plates, fitting strips and tools. The sensor is used in industrial production processes wherever forces are monitored or measured. Used with a control monitor, this sensor is ideal for quality control and monitoring in large scale industrial production.

Extremely small size with a wide measuring range
Flexible mounting in structures preferably in force shunt mode
Sealed case (IP 65)
Integrated non-detachable cable with Viton cable covering

Kistler Models 9130B to 9136B SlimLine Sensor