Kistler SlimLine Kit Models 9131AA to 9136AA

Kistler, SlimLine Kit, Models, 9131AA, 9136AA Ready-to-connect compact Kistler SlimLine assembly kit with integrated, single-component SlimLine (SLS) force sensors. 2, 3 or 4 ultra-fast quartz sensors are contained in a fixed connection. Measurement of the total force or partial force per sensor can be made with an appropriate connecting cable.

The cable length of the sensors can be individually selected between 0.05 m and 2 m. The total force F to be measured is applied to the sensors through special preloaded or fitted elements. Each loaded sensor produces an electric charge proportional to its force component. The charge signals are fed out through electrodes and integrated cables.

The individual sensor cables in the SL kit are connected premanently to a special 7-pole connector. The sensor signals in it are individually fed to the corresponding pin positions. The further signal processing can be determined by an appropriate connecting cable.

As a result of their great rigidity, SlimLine sensors are particularly suitable for the measurement of rapidy changing forces. Quasistatic measurements over several minutes are possible. The SL assembly is particularly suitable for the measurement of forces in force shunt mode. This means that the sensors are embedded and preloaded in an/a environmental/surrounding structure.

Flexible, compact installation in structures
Total or individual signals
Cable length can be chosen for each sensor
Sensors ground level

Kistler Models 9131AA to 9136AA SlimLine Kit