Kistler SlimLine Sensors Models 9143B, 9144B, 9145B, 9146B

Kistler, SlimLine, Sensors, Models, 9143B, 9144B, 9145B, 9146B Kistler SlimLine Sensors are quartz sensors with extremely flat design for measuring dynamic and quasistatic shear forces in one direction. Maximum resolution, high rigidity, extremely small dimensions. Ideal for installation in structures. Welded construction with integrated connecting cable sealed in the case and with a selection of plug connectors.

The Kistler SlimLine Sensors contain two quartz elements sensitive to shear force in one direction. The force to be measured is transmitted by stiction to the quartz elements and these produce an electrical charge directly proportional to the force applied. The cable connection to the sensor case is tightly sealed to provide degree of protection IP65.

Extremely small size with up to 5 kN measuring range (shear force)
Flexible mounting in structures
Sealed case (IP 65)
Integral non-detachable cable with Viton sheath

Kistler Models 9143B, 9144B, 9145B, 9146B SlimLine Sensors