SlimLine Quartz Force Link Kistler Models 9173B, 9174B, 9175B, 9176B

SlimLine, Quartz, Force Link, Kistler, 9173B, 9174B, 9175B, 9176B Compact SlimLine quartz force link for measuring tension and compression forces. A SlimLine sensor (SLS) Type 9133B21 to 9136B21 is fitted under preload and ground-insulated between two steel parts with threads. The integral cable is additionally protected by a Viton cable covering. Already calibrated (only compression force range), the SLS force links are easy to install and are immediately ready for measurement.

As a result of it high rigidity, the compact SLS quartz force link is especially suitable for measuring rapdiy changing tension and compression forces. The elastic behavior of the test object is not thereby changed by more than a negligible amount. Quasistatic measurements are possible, i.e. measurements with relatively large time constants.

Calibrated quartz force link
Compact design, extremely small dimensions
Integral non-detachable cable with Viton cable covering
Coupling with mounting plate

Kistler Models 9173B, 9174B, 9175B, 9176B SlimLine Quartz Force Links