Quartz Force Sensor Kistler Model 9203

Quartz, Force Sensor, Kistler, Model, 9203 The Quartz Force Sensor Kistler Model 9203 is a highly sensitive transducer suitable for measuring quasistatic and dynamic tensile and compressive forces ranging from a few mN to 500 N. The special advantages of this transducer lie in its very high sensitivity, high frequency and small dimensions. Especially when measuring very small quasistatic forces it is necessary to ensure that the transducer is not exposed to temperature changes during the measurement.

The force to be measured is introduced into the quartz element fitted in the transducer via the cylindrical force introduction part. The element is preloaded to enable both tensile and compressive forces to be measured. The quartz measuring element generates an electrical charge proportional to the force which is led to the connecting plug.

Enormously high force sensitivity
Calibrated force measuring element
Measurement of tensile and compressive forces

Kistler Model 9203 Quartz Force Sensor