Miniature Quartz Force Transducer Kistler Models 9205

Miniature, Quartz, Force Transducer, Kistler, Models, 9205 Kistler miniature quartz force transducer model 9205 with high sensitivity for measuring quasistatic and dynamic tensile and compressive forces in the range of less than 1 mN to 50 N. High rigidity, very small transverse sensitivity and minimum sensitivity to thermal influences are outstanding features of this transducer, which is therefore suited for general applications.

The transducer is mounted either in a bore with a M10x1-thread and the force introduced at its front end, or with the M3-threaded front and rear faces. The transducer has a hermetically sealed housing and is well suited for laboratory and industrial applications.

Measuring contact forces on key buttons, switches, relays, etc.
Measuring spring characteristics
Measuring extraction forces of plug-in contacts
Construction of highly sensitive miniature force plates
Measuring forces in gears and rods
Force measurements on automatic assembly units, roboters, micro-manipulators, etc.

Kistler Model 9205 Quartz Force Transducer With High Sensitivity