Miniature Quartz Force Sensor Kistler Model 9211AAE

Miniature, Quartz Force Sensor, Kistler, Model, 9211AAE Miniature quartz force sensor Kistler Model 9211AAE for measuring dynamic and quasistatic pressures in the mold in injection molding via an ejector or measuring pin. Very high resolution, high natural frequency, very small dimensions, welded construction.

Simplified sensor installation by means of a single-wire cable, which can be flexibly installed in the mold and cut to length as required. The connector is exchangeable. The cable is tightly attached to the sensor case.

The charge signal of the sensor (pC = pico Coulombs) is transformed into a proporational output voltage in the Kistler charge amplifier. Within wide limits, the output voltage does not depend on the length of the sensor cable. At the standard amplifier output it has a maximum value of 10 V. On the most sensitive range 1 N/V is obtained for the force sensor Type 9211AAE.

Ideally suited for industrial application
Single-wire technique

Kistler Model 9211AAE Quartz Miniature Force Sensor