Force Sensing Quartz Load Cells Kistler 9212 and Kistler 9222

Force Sensing, Quartz, Load Cells, Kistler, 9212, 9222 The Kistler 9212 and Kistler 9222 are force sensing load cells that measure quasi-static and dynamic events in a wide variety of applications. Available in two different load cell style housing configurations (hex and square), the 9212 has a 50 pC/lbf. sensitivity while the 9222 has 19 pC/lbf.

The Kistler 9212 and Kistler 9222 quartz load cells provide a choice of sensitivity, threshold and housing configuration while retaining the capability to measure fast dynamic events and perform short-term (quasi-static) measurements. These piezoelectric sensors are capable of measuring compression forces from less than one pound force to 5,000 lbf. and tension forces to 500 lbf. Minute incremental forces may be measured at any level in these ranges through elimination of static or tare weight component. The load cells feature high rigidity and are capable of withstanding compression overloads of 20%.

High impedance, charge mode
Rugged quartz force sensing element guarantees long-term stability
Wide measuring ranges for compression and tension
Quasi-static response

Kistler Models 9212, 9222 High Impedance Load Cells