Strain Transmitter Kistler 9234A

Strain,Transmitter,Kistler,Model,9234A Piezoelectric strain sensor with integrated charge amplifier. The transmitter is suitable for measuring force-proportional strain on machinery or structural surfaces (indorect force measurement). Using remote control via a low resistance multicore cable connection, the measuring range can be adjusted to the optimum signal curve of FS 0 ... +/-10 V.

The measuring range of the transmitter can be adjusted by remote control. The integrated electronic circuitry also enables the range to be switched between FS 100% and FS10%. The measuring range can be selected in the basic setting or during a measuring cycle. The industrial grade construction of the transmitter makes it suitable for use in dirty and moisture-laden environments. Low resistance cables simplify signal transmission to the machine control system.

The strain transmitter measures dynamic and quasistatic stresses on machinery or structural surfaces. The measurement of force-proporational strain is classified as "indirect force measurement". The measuring signal can be further processed as a relative value. For absolute value measurements (e.g. in N or kN), the strain transmitter must be calibrated against an appropriate reference.

By remote control: adjustment of the charge amplifier to FS 0 ... +/-10 V
By remote control: measuring ranges swtiched between FS 100% and FS 10% (also under load)
Very high measuring sensitivity: even minute forces can be accurately measured
Low resistance signal transmission: no highly insulated connecting cable required
Extremely simple installation: secured with only one M6 screw
Rugged industrial version: splash-proof (IP 65)
Low accleration sensitivity: also suitable for measurements on moving parts

Kistler Model 9234A Strain Transmitter