Quartz Strain Transducers Kistler 9235A, 9235A1

Quartz, Strain, Transducers, Kistler, 9235A, 9235A1 The strain of the base material acts through the two contact surfaces as a change of distance on the transducer. Its housing serves as an elastic transmission element and converts the change of sitance into a force. The quartz disk in the transducer is stressed in shear, generating an electrical charge Q (pC) proportional to this force and thus to the strain of the base material. All parts of the transducer are made of corrosioproof materials. The "Fischer" connecting plug is self-locking and splashproof.

The Kistler quartz strain transducers are suitable for measuring dynamic and quasistatic stresses on machine components. Its principal application is indirect force measurement, on presses for example. For this purpose, the transducer is mounted on a part of the machine whose mechanical stresses is large enough, proportional to the desired measured and as undisturbed as possible. Calibration is performed after mounting the equipment, by comparative measurement. Special advantages over the familiar strain gauge methods are high sensitivity, overload security and unlimited life under alternating load.

Kistler Models 9235A, 9235A1 Quartz Strain Transducer