Quartz Transverse Measuring Pin Kistler Model 9241CA3

Quartz, Transverse, Measuring, Pin, Kistler, Model, 9241CA3 Quartz transverse measuring pin is a piezoelectric sensor for indirect force measurement in machine structures, tools, etc. in industrial monitoring tasks. The front part of the sensor is sensitive to transversal forces. Shaped as a cylindrical pin, all it needs for its installation is a 10 mm borehole.

An integrated clamping system is used to preload the sensor in the borehole enabling it to detect tensile and compressive forces in the machine structure. The ceramic-coated body sleeve allows to mount the sensor ground insulated.

Once installed, the sensor can be calibrated by comparative measurement, e.g. with a calibrating force sensor. The main application field is the industrial monitoring of machine forces (machine monitoring, tool monitoring, etc.). In combination with a Control Monitor, it can be used to monitor limit values of forces that are decisive in the safety and reliability of machines and tools.

Preloading allows measuring compression and tension forces
Can be fixed in any direction and depth in the mounting bore

Kistler Model 9241CA3 Quartz Transverse Measuring Pin