Quartz Longitudinal Measuring Pin Kistler Model 9249A

Quartz, Longitudinal, Measuring, Pin, Kistler, Model, 9249A Extremely small quartz strain sensor with integrated cable for indirect measurement of forces in machinery, tools and assembly processes. The sensor is fitted with an accurately defined preload. The strain in the material is transmitted to the quartz measuring element by the fastening thread M5 (mounting nut) and the front of the sensor.

The latter yields an electric charge proportional to the change in strain, which is converted by a charge amplifier into a voltage; this voltage can then be further processed as required.

Applications include monitoring forces and strains in machinery and tools. The compact Kistler 9249A quartz longitudinal measuring pin M5 measures dynamic and quasistatic forces indirectly and is also suitable for measuring very large forces.

Miniaturized strain sensor
Integrated cable
Measurement of tensile and compression forces up to the Meganewton range
No finish machining in the mounting bore necessary

Kistler Model 9249A Quartz Longitudinal Measuring Pin