Quartz Torque Dynamometers Kistler 9277A5, 9277A25

Quartz, Torque, Dynamometers, Kistler, 9277A5, 9277A25 The compact Kistler quartz torque dynamometer possesses an especially high sensitivity. The very lightweight top plate supporting the measuring object guarantees a high natural frequency, enabling torques to be measured on small high-speed motors.

The sensor contains a set of shear sensitivie quartz disks. The arrangement of the disks is realized in a way to yield an electric charge which is proportional to the torque Mz acting around the axis of the quartz torque dynamometer. The charge is led via an electrode to the TNC connector.

Besides the quartz torque dynamometer, a torque measuring system includes a charge amplifier, which converts the charge signal from the dynamometer into an output voltage. Full-range signal from a Kistler charge amplifier is 10 V.

Torque measuring instrument
Highly sensitive
High natural frequency

Kistler Models 9277A5, 9277A25 Quartz Torque Dynamometer