Quartz Force Link Kistler 9300 Series

Quartz Force Link, Kistler, 9300, Series The Kistler 9300 Series quartz force links measure dynamic and short-term static compression and tension forces with near infinite resolution. Extremely small forces throughout the total range can also be measured with great accuracy. Tension or compressive tare components may be eliminated prior to making measurements by simply activiting the reset switch function located on the charge amplifier.

The charge signal of the force link is transformed into an output voltage directly proportional to the applied force through the addition of a Kistler charge amplifier. Within limits, the resultant output voltage is independent of the length of the sensor output cable and has a maximum value of 10 volts. With the charge amplifier set on the most sensitive range, 0.1lbf/V can be obtained with sensors having -17pC/lbf. sensitivity. The negative charge output resulting from an increasing applied force is inverted when passing through a charge amplifier.

The force being measured acts on the load washer (M) via the two special nuts (AA and BB), which are preloaded by a preload bolt. Tension is measured as a decrease of the preload force. The quartz discs contained in the load washer transform the force to be measured into an electrostatic charge. The longitudinal piezoelectric effect is utilized. The connector is welded to the body. The cable connection can be sealed against adverse environment with a thermo-shrink sleeve.

Compression and tension measurements
High natural frequency and rigidity
Dynamic and quasistatic events
Coupling with mounting plate
Easy to install

Kistler Models 9301B ... 9372A Quartz, High Impedance, Charge Mode Force Links