Piezoelectric Press Force Sensors Kistler Models 9333, 9343, 9363

Piezoelectric, Press, Force Sensors, Kistler, Models, 9333, 9343, 9363 These ready-to-use Kistler piezoelectric press force sensors are particularly suitable for measuring rapidly changing compression forces in presses. The press force sensors are supplied calibrated and can be mounted in various ways. Three sizes (with maximum measuring range of 50, 70 and 120 kN respectively) are available.

The forces acting on the sensor produce in its piezoelectric element a proporational electric charge. This is fed via the 10-32 UNF connector and shielded cable to an amplifier for recording of measured values. A protector supplied as standard is very easily screwed onto the side connector for the cable.

3 calibrated measuring ranges (100%, 10% and 1%)
Compact force sensor ready for easy mounting in connecting rods or plungers
Double flange for maximum adaptability
Central bore for ejection tools, etc.
Can be used as force calibration sensor
Suitable for monitoring joining processes
SCS calibration (optional)
Calibration of additional measuring range (optional)

Kistler Models 9333, 9343, 9363 Press Force Sensor