VarioCOMP Multicomponent Force Sensor Kistler Model 9601A

Multi-component, quartz force sensor for use in industry. The sensor can optionally be supplied with 1, 2 or 3 measuring axes. Various versions of connector outlet and the integrated cable provide optimum conditions for attachment to the equipment tested.

The Kistler VarioCOMP force sensor model 9601A contains quartz rings fitted between two steel plates in the sensor housing. A pressure quartz pair for Fz and various shear quartz crystals (for Fz and Fy) are integrated depending on the configuration of the measuring axes.

This allows measurement of an axial force (z axis) or any directional force (x-y-z axis). The electrical charges proportional to the individual force components are fed via electrodes to the appropriate plug connections.

The quartz package is protected by the corrosion-resistant, sealed and welded sensor housing (IP 65/67).

Selectable measuring axes in x-y-z Richtung
Compact and rugged design
Integrated cable with steel braiding or PUR sheath
Sealed housing, degree of protection IP 65/67
Supplied with or without ground isolation

Kistler Model 9601A VarioCOMP Multicomponent Force Sensor