Force Sensor With Integrated Electronics Kistler Model 9602

Force Sensor, Integrated Electronics, Kistler, Model, 9602 The Kistler force sensor Model 9602 is suitable for indirect force measurement (force shunt mode) as well as for direct measurements in the main force flux. The force sensor produces an amplified, low- impedance force-proporational voltage signal which can be directly processed by machine control systems, for example. The sensor connection is made via a multiple cable which can be a plug-in or integrated type.

Piezoelectric force sensor with integrated charge amplifier electronics for measuring and monitoring dynamic and quiasistatic force components in industrial process measuring technology etc.

1 or 3 force component versions
Rugged, sealed case for use in harsh industrial environments
Integrated charge amplifier electronics
2 electrically switched measuring ranges
Available with plug-in or integrated cables
Case optional with straight or right-angled cable or plug outlet
Various accessories

Kistler Model 9602 Force Sensor With Integrated Electronics