Kistler 9712 Force Sensing Load Cells

Kistler, 9712, Force, Sensing, Load CellsThe Kistler 9712B series of force sensing load cells measure dynamic events in a wide variety of applications. Available in five measuring ranges from 5 lbf. to 5,000 lbf. and contained in a convential load cell style housing, all models are capable of measuring compression and tension forces.

Series 9712B quartz, piezoelectric load cells offer a wide selection of force measurement ranges for compression and tension. Minute incremental forces may be measured at any level in these ranges. These force sensors offer high sensitivity as well as high rigidity and are capable of withstanding compression overloads from 20% to 400%. High force range units allow static calibration and short-term static response when used in a constant ambient temperature. The low profile load cell incorporates a built-in impedance converter, allowing use in contaminated environments such as dust, dirt or moisture without adverse effects on the signal transmission. Standard, low-cost cables of any length can be used and will not cause signal interference.

Low impedance, voltage mode
Rugged quartz sensor; stainless steel case
Wide measuring range for compression and tension
Use standard low cost cables
Hermetially sealed
Conforming to CE

Kistler Model 9712 High Impedance Load Cells