High Pressure Ballistics Pressure Sensors Kistler 217C, 617C

High Pressure,Ballistics,Pressure,Sensors,Kistler,217C,617C High Pressure Ballistics Pressure Sensors Kistler 217C, 617C are specifically designed to measure high pressures in weapons development and munitions testing.

Both models have a 75,000 psi measuring range but the 217C is a low impedance, voltage mode version while the 617C is a high impedance, charge mode type capable of quasistatic measurement.

The Type 217C and 617C Ballistics Pressure Sensors are intended for measuring high frequency pressure variations found in ammunition acceptance testing, weapon development and closed-bomb powder proof tests. Their fast (2 microsecond) rise time and 75,000 psi measuring range along with excellent accuracy and repeatability make both units well suited for measuring detonation rise time peak pressures and pressure wave forms. Both the 217C and the 617C feature a unique end seal design which assures a positive pressure seal when the correct mounting torque is applied. The units are equipped with heat shields and when used in conjunction with a thermal protector, the affects of flash heat pulses during the pressure measurement are minimized.

Signal and DC excitation power to the 217C is conducted through a single coaxial cable, such as Series 1761 or 1762. Power and signal processing to the sensor can be provided by any one of the Series 5100 couples or by any industry standard voltage mode IEPE power supply/coupler.

The charge signal from the 617C sensor is transmitted through a low noise coaxial cable, such as the 1631 Series, then converted and amplified to a proportional voltage in a multi-range charge amplifier, such as Kistler Types 5010.

Low impedance voltage mode and high impedance charge mode
Low thermal transient response
Excellent accuracy and repeatability
Less than two microsecond rise time
Low impedance version conforming to CE

Kistler Model 217C, 617C High Pressure, Ballistics Pressure Sensors