Kistler Melt Pressure Measuring Chain Models 4013A, 4015A

Kistler,Melt,Pressure,Measuring,Chain,Models,4013A,4015A Kistler Melt Pressure Measuring Chain Models 4013A, 4015A consisting of a melt pressure sensor with integrated cable, extension cable and an amplifier adjusted for the measurement of melt pressure up to 3,000 bar, with a nozzle temperature of up to 350C in the injection unit of injection molding machines.

This sensor can measure pressure and temperature simultaneously. The Kistler Melt Pressure Measuring Chain Models 4013A, 4015A, consists of amplifier, and sensor, is aligned in the factory before delivery. The amplifier is equipped either with an output voltage of 0-10V or an output current of 4-20 mA as the output signal for pressure and temperature.

The sensor consists of a very stable and high-temperature-proof silicon sensor element, which operates according to the piezoresistive principle. It is located directly behind the extremely rugged diaphragm which is made of 17-4PH (W No. 1.4542) steel. The design of the sensor requires no transmission medium and has very good stability under load.

Melt temperature up to 350°C
Melt pressure up to 3,000 bar
Records even the shortest pressure spikes
Contains no transmission media
Abrasion-resistant diaphragm
Pressure and temperature measurement

Kistler Models 4013A, 4015A Melt Pressure Measuring Chain