Kistler High-Pressure Pressure Sensor With Amplifier Model 4067

Kistler,High-Pressure,Pressure,Sensor,Amplifier,Model,4067 Kistler High-Pressure Pressure Sensor With Amplifier Model 4067 with rugged diaphragm and front seal for measuring on hydraulic systems, (e.g. fuel injection systems of internal combustion engines), and gas pressure measurements. Suitable for static and dynamic pressures. Its small dimensions allow its use with a clamp adapter on the injection pipe. High natural frequency.

This is one of the smallest sensors on the market for static measurement. It is supplied together with amplifier Type 4618A Option with Type 4620A2 (total error < 0.5%, fg > 300 Hz) upon request.

The pressure to be measured acts through a rugged diaphragm on an arrangement of piezoresistive rods. The pressure changes the values of the resistance's diffused into the rods. These resistance's are arranged in a Wheatstone bridge.

The pressure sensor itself is not temperature compensated. The amplifier Type 4618 provides temperature compensation, linearization of the pressure signal and contains a stabilized power supply. For this reason, the sensor must always be operated with the amplifier adjusted to it. Amplifier Type 4618 additionally contains two adjustable limit switches with optocouplers. A version with simultaneous temperature measurement is available as an option.

Sensor Type 4067 is used appropriately wherever high pressures with a static component have to be measured in confined spaces. Examples are the fine tuning of injection systems and diesel engines or measurements on hydraulic systems.

• Measuring range up to 5000 bar
• Measures static and dynamic pressures
• High natural frequency

Kistler Model 4067 High Pressure Sensor With Amplifier