Kistler Pressure Transmitter Model 4069A

Kistler,Pressure,Transmitter,Model,4069A Robust, cost-effective Kistler Pressure Transmitter Model 4069A for measuring pressure up to 4,000 bar. Suitable for application in hydraulic systems and fuel injection systems of Diesel engines.

The pressure acts on a corrosion resistant steel diaphragm on the back of which thin film resistors are sputtered, forming a Wheatstone bridge. Thanks to a patented joining technology, the diaphragm is durably connected with the sensor body. Thus the transmitter has an excellent lifetime.

The Kistler Pressure Transmitter Model 4069A is designed for operation in an industrial environment and is suitable for monitoring and control of tasks in fuel injection systems (e.g. common rail) and hydraulic systems.

Good durability
Good zero point stability
Output signal: 0-10 V or 4-20 mA

Kistler Model 4069A Pressure Transmitter