Low Pressure Measuring Chain Kistler Models 4079A

Low,Pressure,Measuring,Chain,Kistler,Models,4079A Low Pressure Measuring Chain Kistler Models 4079A consists of a pressure sensor with removable screw-on cable, and an amplifier adjusted for the measurement of pressure during the manufacture and processing of reactive polymers such as polyurethane's, silicones or epoxy resins.

Thanks to the accuracy and characteristics of the measuring element, the Low Pressure Measuring Chain Kistler Models 4079A is ideal for measuring static pressures as well as temperatures. The measuring element is linearized by the digital compensation with amplifier Type 4620A. Output signals of 0-10 Volt or 4-20 mA are available. The measurands can be directly read out from the amplifier via the RS232-C interface.

The sensor does not require any transmission media which in the event of damage could represent a danger to human health and property.

Small mounting dimensions
Operating temperatures up to 180°C
Pressure range 0-10/20/50 bar
High overload safety
High sensitivity
Contains no materials hazardous to equipment or health

Kistler Models 4079A Low-Pressure Measuring Chain