Melt Pressure Sensors Kistler Models 4086A, 4087A

Melt,Pressure,Sensors,Kistler,Models,4086A,4087A The Melt Pressure Sensors Kistler Models 4086A, 4087A allows constant measuring of the melt pressure during extrusion. Because no pressure transmitting medium such as mercury or oil is used, this sensor is ideal for all types of materials including foodstuffs and medical products.

In most applications, the sensor can be used as a direct replacement for liquid-filled strain gauge sensors and is compatible with many existing measuring devices.

The extrusion pressure sensor Type 4086/87A contains a silicon measuring element which operates according to the piezoresistive principle. This element operates reliably even at high temperatures and can thus be located directly behind the diaphragm; it is therefore not necessary to use pressure transmitting devices or media such as push rods, oil or mercury. The diaphragm can thus be given a much more rugged construction without compromising accuracy and hysteresis.

This rugged diaphragm construction makes it possible to use a bronze or copper wire brush for cleaning purposes at maximum operating temperature without the risk of damaging the sensor in any way.

Compatible with all common pressure measuring sensors
Contamination of the extruded material with mercury or oil is excluded
The rugged diaphragm withstands even abrasive materials
Short response time for the acquisition of high frequency pressure fluctuations

Kistler Models 4086A, 4087A Melt Pressure Sensors