Polystable High Temperature Quartz Pressure Sensor Kistler Model 6001

Polystable,High Temperature,Quartz,Pressure Sensor,Kistler,Model,6001 Polystable High Temperature Quartz Pressure Sensor Kistler Model 6001 for measuring dynamic and quasistatic pressures up to 250 bar at temperatures up to 350C. Very small dimensions, high natural frequency.

The measured pressure acts through the diaphragm on the quartz crystal measuring element, which transforms the pressure p (bar) into an electrostatic charge Q (pC = picoCoulomb). The stainless steel diaphragm is welded flush and hermetically to the stainless steel sensor body. The quartz elements are mounted in a highly sensitive arrangement (transversal effect) in the quartz chamber, which is welded hermetically to the body. The connector is tight and has a ceramic insulator. The Polystable quartz allows an operating temperature of up to 350C.

The miniature quartz pressure sensor Type 6001 is especially suited for dynamic pressure measurements on objects offering little mounting space. It must be used instead of Type 601A where the temperature of the mounting location reaches up to 350C.

Typical applications include pressure measurements on combustion engines, compressors, pneumatic and hydraulic installations (except injection pumps).

Very small dimensions
Temperatures up to 350C

Kistler Model 6001 Polystable Quartz High Temperature Pressure Sensor