Piezoresistive Cylinder Pressure Sensors Kistler Model 6013C

Piezoresistive cylinder pressure sensors measure static and dynamic absolute pressure. They are distinguished by good linearity and high output voltage.

These Piezoresistive Cylinder Pressure Sensors Kistler Model 6013C are available in various sizes and for different operating temperature ranges, enabling the sensor to be ideally adapted to the particular measurement.

Their high natural frequency also allows measurements of rapid changes in pressure (e.g. hydraulic systems). The sensors can also be mounted in a special cooling adapter enabling measurements to be made in the inlet and outlet channels of internal combustion engines.

Pressure acts via a thin steel diaphragm on a silicon measuring element. The latter contains diffused piezoresistive resistors connected in the form of a Wheatstone measuring bridge. The effects of pressure unbalance the bridge and produce an output signal of 0...500 mV (FS). The thermal effects are largely canceled by additional resistors.

Built-in temperature compensation
High natural frequency

Kistler Model 6013C Cylinder Pressure Sensor