Kistler Quartz Pressure Sensor Model 6031 Acceleration-Compensated

Kistler, Quartz, Pressure, Sensor, Model, 6031, Acceleration-Compensated Very small Kistler quartz pressure sensor model 6041 for measuring dynamic and quasistatic pressures up to 250 bar at temperatures up to 200C. High natural frequency. The built-in accelerometer compensates interference signals produced by shock or vibration in the direction of the sensor axis.

The measured pressure acts through the diaphragm on the quartz crystal measuring element, which transforms the pressure p (bar) into an electric charges Q (pC = pico-Coulomb). The stainless steel diaphragm is welded flush and hermetically to the stainless steel sensor housing. The signal produced by acceleration (shock or vibration) due to the sensor mass, is compensated by a signal of inverse polarity yielded by the built-in accelerometer. The connector is welded to the body, but its Teflon insulator is not absolutely tight.

The miniature quartz pressure sensor Type 6031 is especially suited for dynamic pressure measurements on heavy vibrating objects. This sensor is about 10 times less sensitive to vibrations than the standard Type 601A

Special version: This sensor is also available with a diaphragm optimized against thermo shocks (Type 6031U18). It can be used for measuring the cylinder pressure in racing engines at very high rpm.

Very small dimensions
Temperatures up to 200C

Kistler Model 6031 Quartz Pressure Sensor, Acceleration-Compensated