Miniature Pressure Sensor Kistler Model 603B1

Miniature,Pressure,Sensor,Kistler,Model,603B1 The Miniature Pressure Sensor Kistler Model 603B1 is a general purpose pressure sensor that measures quasistatic and dynamic events in a wide variety of applications.

Kistler Type 603B1 is a general purpose, miniature pressure sensor which features acceleration-compensation, high sensitivity and high natural frequency. The 603B1 uses quartz sensing element comprised of a stack of longitudinal quartz plates held together by a preload sleeve. Quartz is the ideal sensing element providing ultimate long-term stability, high rigidity, strength, wide measuring range and wide operating temperature range.

Quartz sensors are ideally suited for making dynamic pressure measurements, however, it cannot perform truly static pressure measurements. Since the 603B1 has a charge output, the user has the ability to select long, medium or short time constants on a remote charge amplifier, thus providing the ability to make either quasistatic or fast dynamic measurements. Long duration measurements are possible because of the high insulation resistance of quartz.

The charge signal of the sensor is transmitted through a low noise coaxial cable, such as the 1631 series, then converted and amplified to a proportional voltage in a multi-range charge amplifier, such as the Kistler Type 5010.

High impedance, charge mode
Acceleration compensated
High natural frequency
Quasistatic response
Small physical size

Kistler Model 603B1 Miniature, High Frequency, Charge Output Pressure Sensor