Kistler High Temperature Pressure Sensor Model 6052B1

Kistler,High,Temperature,Pressure,Sensor,Model,6052B1 Very small Kistler High Temperature Pressure Sensor Model 6052B1 with integrated connecting cable; especially suitable for use in internal combustion engines of small capacity and with more than 2 valves per cylinder.

The Kistler High Temperature Pressure Sensor Model 6052B1 mounts directly in a M5x0.5 bore and, thanks to its "Antistrain" design, is front sealing. The natural frequency is very high whereby it is also well suitable for knocking detection. If knocking detection is the main task, Kistler recommends the use of Type 6052A1U20 with reinforced membrane.

The high sensitivity gives a very good signal-to-noise and thus increases the precision of the measurement, especially during the gas exchange phase and in multivalve engines with small displacement.

In the Type 6052B1, a new piezoelectric crystal is used which gives the sensor of unchanged size and sensitivity of -20 pC/bar. This will vary at most by +/-0.5% within the temperature range of 200 +/-50C. Thanks to the passive acceleration compensation from Kistler, the influence of engine vibrations is reduced significantly.

The front sealing guarantees efficient heat dissipation and therefore a short-time maximum operating temperature of 400C. The diaphragm has been optimized by the Finite Elements Method and guarantees correct measuring results together with a long service life.

• Very low sensitivity shift by temperature
• Low thermal shock error thanks to front seal
• Acceleration compensated
• Very high sensitivity

Kistler Model 6052B1 High-Temperature Pressure Sensor