Kistler Miniature Pressure Probe Model 6055BB

Kistler,Miniature,Pressure Probe,Model,6055BB The Kistler Miniature Pressure Probe Model 6055BB with very small dimensions and M5 x 0.5 mounting thread is particularly suitable for direct installation in small-capacity combustion engines with more than 2 valves per cylinder.

Kistler Miniature Pressure Probe Model 6055BB uses a new type of piezoelectric crystal with which a sensitivity of -20 pC/bar is achieved. This sensitivity over a temperature range of 200 ±50°C varies by not more than ±0.5%.

The influence of engine vibrations on the measuring signal is reduced by the passive acceleration compensation. The front seal allows good heat dissipation and thus a maximum short-time probe operating temperature of 400°C.

Particularly suitable for measurements with glow plug adapter Type 6535Q
Good temperature stability of the sensitivity
Front diameter 4.4 mm
Low thermal shock error and long life thanks to the front seal
Very high sensitivity

Kistler Model 6055BB Miniature Measuring Probe