ThermoCOMP® Cylinder Quartz Pressure Sensor Kistler Model 6061B

ThermoCOMP,Cylinder,Quartz,Pressure,Sensor,Kistler,Model,6061B Water-cooled precision ThermoCOMP® Cylinder Quartz Pressure Sensor Kistler Model 6061B with small dimensions, especially suited for small combustion engines and for thermodynamic investigations in the laboratory.

Fitting with or without water cooling in a bore M10x1. High sensitivity, high natural frequency and excellent zero point stability because of integrated water cooling. When a special wrench is used, the sensor can be mounted in a bore of dia. 14 mm.

The use of polystable quartz elements assures security against twinning even under high mechanical loading. As a result, the sensitivity remains largely constant from -50C to 350C and the sensor continues to operate without damage even if the water cooling fails. Thanks to its anticorrosive effect, the TiN coating extends the life of the diaphragm.

Smallest water-cooled cylinder pressure sensor
Thermo-chock optimized double diaphragm
Long life thanks to Tin coating and metal cable

Kistler Model 6061B ThermoCOMP® Quartz Pressure Sensor