Kistler Model 607C High Pressure Quartz Sensor Model 607C

Kistler, Model, 607C, High, Pressure, Quartz Sensor, Model, 607C The time-tested Kistler Model 607C High Pressure Quartz Sensor Model 607C series are specifically designed for applications involving high pressures and very high instantaneous combustion temperatures. The 607C incorporates a highly flexible and relatively robust diaphragm, eliminating errors due to thermal stresses and the pressure sensing end. A thin layer of ablative coating aids in eliminating these errors.

This quartz pressure transducers is ideal for measuring peak firing pressures in ballistic applications. The 607C series pressure transducers have machined diaphragms for specialized applications requiring the versatility of a high pressure range with linearity of 1% or better. Endurance is excellent for this series, making them the ideal selection for continuous duty as experienced in ultra-high pressure pumps, compressors, high evaluation studies and ballistics measurements up to 100,000 psi.

Because high impedance, charge mode sensors contain no electronics, CE certification to the EMC Directive is not appropriate. When a high impedance accelerometer is used with a CE certified signal conditioner (i.e., charge amplifier...), it is said that this system is CE compliant.

High impedance, charge mode
100,000 psi measuring range
1% non-linearity
Conforming to CE

Kistler Model 607C Quartz High Pressure Sensors