Pressure Measuring Spark Plug Kistler Model 6115A

Pressure,Measuring,Spark,Plug,Kistler,Model,6115A The Kistler pressure measuring spark plug Type 6115A allows cylinder pressure measurements to be made without the need for a separate measuring bore. The measuring spark plug M12 x 1.25 incorporates a miniature piezoelectric pressure sensor.

The sensor is flush-mounted in the combustion chamber; thus, its natural frequency is high than 100 kHz. The Type 6115A is therefore also suitable for providing readings at high engine speeds and for knock investigations.

The space for incorporation of the sensor has been achieved by an eccentric electrode position of 1.7 mm. As a result of miniaturization, the sensor and cable form a single unit, which can only be dismantled by disconnecting the cable connector. The sensor is inserted from the underside of the plug and secured with a perforated screw, which also provides flame protection. The ceramic part is screwed in position, allowing it to be easily exchanged in the event of damage.

Exchangeable ignition ceramics
Measurement without indicator bore in M12 spark plug hole
Highest natural frequency for high speeds
Sensor front flush
Various heat values and spark positions possible
Suitable for knock investigations

Kistler Model 6115A Measuring Spark Plug