Kistler Model 6167A Mold Cavity Pressure Sensor

Kistler,Model,6167A,Mold Cavity Pressure Sensor Kistler Model 6167A Mold Cavity Pressure Sensor for mold cavity pressures up to 200 bar for processing low-viscosity plastic melts (e.g. sheaths of IC components). Exchangeable high-temperature cable with connector.

The quartz sensor for mold cavity pressure Type 6167A has a front of 4 mm diameter. An O-ring seals the annular gap of < 10 microns between the sensor and the mounting bore and thereby also center aligns the sensor in the bore.

The pressure acts directly on the entire front of the sensor and is transferred to the quartz measuring element, which produces an electrical charge proportional to the pressure.

All parts of the sensor are corrosion-resistant. The exchangeable able is screwed to the sensor with a tight seal. The connector is self-locking and splash-proof.

The Kistler Model 6167A Mold Cavity Pressure Sensor is provided with a single-wire cable with a very small cross-sectional area and can be installed flexibly in the injection mold. The single-wire cable is exchangeable and can be cut to length as required. With the single-wire technique, electrical shielding is provided by the mold. It is therefore essential for the cable and connector to be completely integrated in the mold. To ensure easy installation, a connector is included which is self-locking and splashproof With multi-cavity systems, the sensor basic type is supplied with a single-wire cable, but without connector and mounting plate.

Kistler Model 6167A Mold Cavity Pressure Sensor