Cavity Pressure Sensor Kistler Model 6183AE

Cavity,Pressure,Sensor,Kistler,Model,6183AE,Quartz Miniaturized quartz Cavity Pressure Sensor Kistler Model 6183AE with single-wire technology for mold cavity pressures up to 2000 bar in the injection molding of plastics.

The miniaturized quartz sensor for mold cavity pressure Type 6183AE has a 1 mm diameter front face. The very small cross-sectional area of the single-wire cable allows flexibility of installation. Shielding in the single-wire technology is provided by the mod. It is therefore essential for the cable and connector to be integrated in the mod.

For multi-cavity applications, the sensor Type 6182A without the connector is used. Multi-cavity systems are described in the data sheet for Type 6829A. The pressure acts directly on the entire front face of the sensor and is transferred to the quartz measuring element, which produces a charge proportional to the pressure. All parts of the sensor are corrosion resistant. The Fischer connector is self-locking and splash-proof.

The sensor is designed without a diaphragm and measures mold cavity pressures up to 2000 bar during injection molding. It is mainly suitable for industrial applications for monitoring and open-loop and closed-loop control in thermoplastic injection molding.

Ideally suited for industrial applications
Designed without a diaphragm and with a level, machinable front face

Kistler Model 6183AE Cavity Pressure Sensor