p-T-Sensor Mold Cavity Pressure Monitoring System Kistler Model 6190A

p-T-Sensor,Mold,Cavity,Pressure,Monitoring,System,Kistler,Model,6190A Complete modular p-T-Sensor Mold Cavity Pressure Monitoring System Kistler Model 6190A for multi-cavity injection molds consisting of cavity pressure sensors and charge amplifier.

The sensor available in single-wire technology for this system are the Types 6152A, 6157B, 6159A, 6167A, 6169A, 6182A and 6183A. The pressure is applied directly to the entire front of the sensor and is transferred to the quartz measuring element, which produces a charge proportional to the pressure. All parts of the sensor are corrosion resistant.

The single-wire cable of the sensors with its very small cross-sectional area offers flexibility for installation purposes. The electrical shielding in the single-wire technology is provided by the mold. The open cable end is connected using cut and grip technique to the multi-channel charge amplifier mounted on the mold. This renders a plug connection completely unnecessary and the length of the single-wire cable can be selected on site. The number of measuring channels is selected according to the number of cavities (8, 16, 24 or 32 channels).

In the case of molds with a large number of cavities, it is also possible to combine various charge amplifiers. For a 48-cavity mold, for example, two 24-channel charge amplifiers can be installed.

Made for use in industrial environments
Sensor connection with cut and grip technique
Cable length individually adjustable

Kistler Model 6190A p-T-Sensor