Kistler Model 6211 High-Pressure Quartz Sensor

Kistler,Model,6211,High-Pressure Quartz Sensor Kistler Model 6211 High-Pressure Quartz Sensor for measuring dynamic pressures from 1000 to 7500 bar in ballistics.

In the meantime, the Types 6201B, 6203 and 6211 have been replaced by a new, technically improved series. For new applications, Kistler recommends to use the Type 6215.

The pressure to be measured acts through the diaphragm onto a quartz measuring element. Due to the piezoelectric effect, an electrical charge Q (pC) proportional to the pressure p (bar) is generated. The sensor housing is made of corrosion resistant material and is tightly welded. The construction of the sensing part allows for mounting optionally with flush or recessed diaphragm.

Applications include general pressure measurements in internal ballistics. Suited for guns, rifles and detonation chambers.

Kistler Model 6211 High Pressure Quartz Sensor