Kistler Model 6213B Quartz High Pressure Sensor

Kistler,Model,6213B,Quartz,High,Pressure,Sensor Front sealing Kistler Model 6213B Quartz High Pressure Sensor for ballistic and hydraulic pressure measurements up to 10,000 bar.

Thanks to patented Anti-Strain construction, the sensor is not critical to different tightening torque's and mounting conditions. It excels by its excellent linearity of +/-0.5%, an extremely high life and a good longtime stability. Due to its excellent measuring properties, this sensors is advantageously used as a reference sensor for calibrating systems.

Compared to the shoulder sealing used so far, the front sealing technically improves the sensor considerably. The resulting main advantages are a considerably lower mechanical gap (small dead volume) and a largely reduced surface pressure in the sealing part.

Used for all ballistic measurements and measuring configurations and as a reference sensor. Despite its extremely large measuring range, the sensor is best suited for measuring relatively low pressures of several hundred bar.

Kistler Model 6213B Quartz High-Pressure Sensor